The ancient Greeks’ name for amber was ἤλεκτρον (ēlektron), perhaps adopted from a Phoenician word meaning “shining light”. Amber’s ability to hold a static charge led to the Latin adjective electricus (“of amber”) which transformed into the modern-day terms electric and electricity.

By returning to the roots of where the energy journey began, Amber Energy represents the full circle of sustainable, recyclable, energy storage technologies.

Amber Energy is a collaboration between three established European companies

SAFI  Founded in 1963, SAFI is an international group headquartered in France specialising in the design, manufacture, and supply of industrial valves and control systems to the process industries.

SAFI brings to Amber Energy corporate best practices with over 50 years’ experience of industrial manufacturing, material sourcing, and expertise in handling corrosive and abrasive chemicals.

Techlink is an international company headquartered in France with over 20 years’ proven delivery of turnkey process technology systems in the areas of separation, filtration, emissions control, and heat recovery particularly in corrosive and abrasive chemical applications.

Techlink brings to Amber Energy expertise in advanced process engineering, equipment supply, fabrication, logistics, and commissioning as well as experience working with major battery materials manufacturers.

Newman Eventus is a UK-based industrial project management consultancy supporting organisations involved in design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing activities.

Newman Eventus brings to Amber Energy over 20 years’ experience of capital project delivery in the international energy industry with specialist knowledge of battery materials manufacturing, supply chains, and markets.


Stéphane MOISON

Stéphane MOISON

Managing Director

Stéphane MOISON is the president and majority shareholder of SAFI. SAFI is one of the European leaders in industrial valves. After having held various technical and industrial positions within the THALES group, Stéphane took over the family business SAFI in order to accelerate its development both in R&D and industrial aspects and internationally. SAFI now has 6 sites worldwide (including Chile and Peru), exports to over 70 countries and has become a reference supplier for the chemical, mining, nuclear and water treatment industries. SAFI has developed a range of products specifically for battery chemistry. Stéphane holds a Master’s degree of the Ecole Centrale Paris. He is also a French Foreign Trade Advisor and an ambassador of the Bpifrance Excellence network..



Technical Director

Stephan Misrachi has over 40 years’ experience in the design and delivery of advanced chemical process systems for major companies in Europe and Asia. Through his company Techlink, Stephan established a permanent presence in China, Thailand, and India enabling him to deliver low-cost packages built to European quality standards. Stephan’s projects have included the installation of process control systems in battery materials production facilities, the supply of sulphate recovery systems to chlor-alkali plants, and the addition of odour abatement technologies into paper and pulp mills. In collaboration with SAFI, Stephan has developed his own range of process control valves which are particularly suited to abrasive and corrosive fluid applications. Stephan holds a degree in Physics from Cambridge University and carried out additional research at the Universities of Manchester and Paris-Sud.

Timothy NEWMAN

Timothy NEWMAN

Project Director

Timothy Newman has over 20 years’ experience in the management and delivery of energy projects in Europe, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Africa, and Australia.

Timothy has held project engineering and management positions in client organisations and service providers across all stages of the project lifecycle from concept through feasibility, FEED, and execution to operations. From 2019 to 2021 Timothy was a key member of the new battery materials division of a major blue-chip company providing leadership and managerial support to the cathode material production programme.

Timothy holds an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester and an MBA from the EU Business School in Geneva.

Guillaume CHARTRES

Guillaume CHARTRES

Commercial Director

Guillaume Chartres has extensive experience in the field of sales of equipment for large scales car battery material projects. He has over 10 years experience developing markets in Europe, Asia and Africa in the chemical, mining, energy and environmental sectors. In another life, Guillaume worked 10 years for United Nations in Afghanistan, Sudan, Haiti, Banda Aceh (Indonesia), Russia and Libya. Guillaume holds a Master of Commerce from Sydney Uni and is diplomed from Science Po in France.


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