A new European player in the supply of technologies for the production of active cathode materials

The Amber Energy start-up is an engineering and technology supply joint venture in the pCAM and CAM sector.

Amber Energy also aims to become a producer of these materials (NCM and LFP types) on a laboratory and pre-industrial scale.


Amber Energy provides engineering solutions and technologies for the production of pCAM and CAM.
There are currently too few players capable of supplying active cathode materials for the electric vehicle battery production plants being built around the world.
Amber Energy provides engineering, procurement and configuration/start-up of pilot and industrial pCAM and CAM production units.
This technology enables Amber Energy’s customers to work without a licence and to develop their own production capacities.

The installations developed by Amber Energy offer the following advantages:

  • Technologies that can be transferred from pilot units to commercial units
  • Modular design adaptable to changes in formulations
  • Optimised CAPEX and OPEX
  • Shorter lead times
  • Turnkey installations


Since its creation, Amber Energy has launched a vast programme of internal research and partnerships with research centres, enabling it to validate pCAM and CAM production processes.

Our accumulated knowledge in the laboratory, combined with our industrial engineering know-how, will enable us to start producing our own NCM and LFP pCAMs and CAMs as early as 2024.

Our ambition is to find the funding to build the first industrial pCAM and CAM production plant in France.


Amber Energy is the result of a collaboration between three well-established European companies


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